Montana Hunting and Fishing Report 12/13/14
By Kamp Cook

Posted: December 13, 2014

Wolf trapping season kicks off on Monday and ice fishing season is off to a warm start. Find out the latest hunting and fishing reports from the most recent episode of the Montana Outdoor Radio Show.

December 13th Summaries
-Bill Brown at Bob Wards says area ice fishing is getting better and better, in the Bitterroot area you can still fly fish on the Bitterroot with Nymphs and May Flies.
-Brett French Outdoor editor of the Billings Gazette talks about the tension surounding last weeks elk hunting article he shared from Minesota. To view the article go
-Chancy at Snappy’s says the Flathead River has straightened out a bit for open water.
-Dallas at Highline Cleaners in Chester says things are good out at Tiber Dam.
fishin’ is good on Ackley Lake for Trout from the shore or the boat.
-John Harris from Lakeside Resort in Trout Creek says they are losing ice right now, and the same on Beaver Creek.
-Jason Maxwell Vice President of the Montana Trappers Association talks about MT wolf trapping season.
-Leonard from Roberts Bait and Tackle says Francis has 5-6 inches of good ice, Baileys has 8 inches, Fresno has 6-10 inches, and folks are still putting boats up at the Main lake on Tiber.
-Mary Beth Kibler of Kibler Outfitting says the weather hasn’t been producing or keep enough of the ice out on Ft Peck. Anyone looking to book a trip call Kibler Outfitting at 406-557-2503.
-Rob from Ronan Sports and Western says there’s been success with Brown Trout on Crow Reservoir.
-Ron Aashiem reminds us if you have question on big game hunting and wolves you can get information go online at
-Ryan from Bob Wards says in the Bozeman & Butte areas the warming weather fosters a successful catch, and in Helena the ice is scarce and not ideal.
-Tammy from Northwest Sports in Eureka says the area snow has mostly melted away, and the boat ramps are open for those headed to the open waters.
-Trevor Johnson of Kits Tackle says Helena area fishing is available for both walleye & trout.