Are You Ready For Steel Head Season? [PICS]
By Toby Trigger

Posted: January 17, 2015

Trigger embarks on an epic steel head journey soon and here’s  a few photos to explain why.

Are you excited about steelhead fishing?  Well, You should be!  It will be here before you know it!  The best times to fish are between the end of January through March.

I got the steel head bug pretty bad a few years ago when the numbers of steel head – which are actually sea run rainbow trout-OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA were out of this world on the Salmon River in Idaho less than an hour and a half from my house.

At first I couldn’t seem to catch a steel head even though I spent several days casting and watching other anglers real them in.



Once I realized that a couple gobs of brightly colored yarn tied onto a #4 circle hook with an egg knot was all I needed I suddenly found myself hooking fish… or maybe the fish hooked me.

Ed Hebb and travis fish 063

Either way I figured a few things out and managed to hook a couple two and three salt fish on the Clearwater River the next year.

winter 2010 528

I am excited to try my hand at fresh sea run steel head just as they enter fresh water form three years of salt along the Oregon coast on what I hope will be an epic adventure to fish Oregon, Washington and of course Idaho in the coming weeks. My gear is packed , I’ll be watching the fishing reports and when the time is right I’m headed west! I know it’s not in Montana, but you can get there from here just about as fast as I can drive to Ekalaka, MT.


An 8 weight fly rod and reel, a few hooks and gobs of yarn may not be all I’ll need but they will be the first items loaded in the truck!