Ice Fishing Report: Perch Fishing Is Very Good on Holter
By angelamontana

Posted: January 23, 2015

Captain spoke with Jim Johnson from Hi Country in Lincoln and he said perch fishing over at Holter was excellent. However he went over fishing on Wednesday and didn’t have any luck. Since then the fishing has picked up again for perch. Adam Strainer from Helena said he and a group of guys went fishing Friday the 23rd and they had nearly 100 perch on the ice in about an hour. “Lots of nice size perch”, he said. On Sunday according to Strainer the FWP creel survey crew counted over 1700 perch. The good perch fishing on Holter is not a surprise to Strainer who is a fishing technition for FWP< “The spring netting has shown more perch in our nets in the past two years, three years ago we were showing 10 and last year it was 55”.

So take the kids and your friends and have a great time fishing perch on Holter. Most people have been fishing by Log Gulch Campground to Departure Point On Holter. The limit is 25 perch a day.
Warmer temps forecast for next week might make the ice conditions vary so be careful.
(Report via the Captain; Feature photo via Jeff Simpson/