What Montana City Makes Top 25 Coldest in the U.S?
By Kamp Cook

Posted: January 10, 2015

Depending on where you grew up, you can probably claim that you hometown was the coldest in the country. But, according to Niche, one town made the top 25 coldest in the country.

According to the Top 25 Coldest Cities in America, Great Falls, Montana is #21 when it comes to bone chilling temperatures.

Great Falls has an average temperature of 17 degrees during the winter months. Enough to make you want to hibernate until the sun comes back!

This Montana town shares the same honors as places like Madison, WI (#18 with 17 degrees) and Casper, WY (#17 with 16 degrees). And of you think we’ve got it bad, check out #1 on the list…Grand Forks, ND with an average temperature of 6 degrees. Brrr!

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