South Fork Clearwater River Steelhead Update
By Toby Trigger

Posted: February 7, 2015

A trip to the South Fork of the Clearwater River was in order yesterday (Feb 6).

Trigger drove through Kooskia with steelhead angling enthusiast Tony Sorensen from the Bitterroot valley. The water flows are still relatively low and were still clear through the end of the day. Very few anglers were seen on the water but the knowledgeable staff at Tom Cat Sporting Goods said anglers did quite well mid week.



With rain and warm temperatures this section of the River may rise quickly and turn chocolate brown. Tony did hook one fish and after a few minutes executed a perfect long distance release! It may be worth fishing this weekend but the water conditions may become poor then again they may not!

IMG_0694 (2)

The access here is excellent and the angling pressure isn’t heavy yet. If you go – good luck!