Now Is the Time to Show Your Support…
By angelamontana

Posted: April 22, 2015

NOW is the time for YOU and your contacts to act to help finalize SB 334 with the Governor.

The Animal Rights Groups are contacting him to veto the Bill.

This past Monday afternoon (April 20thSB 334 as amended, just passed the Senate 3rd reading, 31-19.

It goes to the Governor for action next.

Now seems the time to start getting messages to the Governor.

Numbers will really count with the Governor’s action.

Hunters, trappers, spouses, and their kids should all contact the governor and ask him to sign SB 334 to preserve their opportunity to harvest game animals in Montana

The longer he takes to act the more messages we should send.

Please put your message in your own words.

Ask him to PLEASE sign SB 334 and support Sportsmen, Guides & Outfitters, and agriculture with clear definitions of the Game Animals we may harvest in Montana.  Ask him to support all the sportsmen that are for this bill, and not the few Animal Rights Groups that oppose the bill

Messages for Governor Bullock can be left 24 hours a day by e-mail at the below website

or by phone at (406) 444-3111 or toll free at (855) 318-1330

SB 334 summary:

SB 334 defines GAME ANIMALS at Big Game Animals, Upland Game Birds, Migratory Game Birds, and Furbearers (essentially those groups of animals defined in statute and regulated by MFW&P).  The Bill also moves Raccoon, Red Fox, and Badger from the listing of Non-game Animals to Predatory Animals.  SB 334 does not affect the management of Big Game Animals but protects the opportunity for Montanans to harvest upland game birds, migratory birds, and furbearers.  It also allows use of electronic calls to harvest red fox, badger, and raccoon and includes those animals among the furbearers and predators that fur dealers deal in.

We thought this Bill was dead, but Senator Fielder got 6 Democrats to vote for resurrecting it back to live and it has eventually passed through both houses of the Legislature.

Let’s put this battle against the Animal Rights Groups their Ballot Box Wildlife Initiatives to rest.

(via Paul Fielder)