Trespasser Finds Booby Trap [VIDEO]
By Kamp Cook

Posted: June 6, 2015

Some people don’t find trespassing to be a crime. For some, cutting through private land is acceptable. But, it is not. Anyone caught trespassing will be prosecuted. The only downside is catching trespassers. A landowner recently set up booby traps on his family’s property to try and mark trespassers. The landowner also set up a trail cam to catch the trespasser’s reaction. The result is priceless.

According to Wide Open Spaces

After viewing this video uploaded by YouTube user Felicia Marie, we’re pretty certain it’s one of the more inventive ways of fending off trespassing hunters.

Early in the clip this gentleman triggers a tripwire that sprays paint all over him and his rifle.

The uploader commented that it was a video captured by her mother’s boyfriend, which tells us it was likely a legitimate trespassing situation.