Chinese Man Mistakes Black Bears As Pet Dogs
By rowdyrob

Posted: July 10, 2015

After two years, it took the death of a few chickens and stumbling upon a newspaper clipping of the endangered animals list for Wang Kayui to realize that the two pet “dogs” he had purchased in 2013 were in fact, black bears.  Kayui was traveling through Vietnam when he purchased the two bear cubs and brought them back to his home in the Yunnan Province.  Kayui thought that the “dogs” had different appetites than normal, but were very well behaved and didn’t bark.  Kayui finally realized that the bears were in fact not dogs when they would sneak around the neighborhood pestering other pets and eating wandering chickens.  He really realized what he had purchased when he came across and endangered species list and discovered that the bears were a Category 2 protected species.  Kayui finally surrendered his pets to the authorities who took them to the Yunnan Wild Animal Rescue Center where they are in good health.  All information according to and

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