Lower Portion of Beaver Creek in Hill County to be Closed to Fishing
By angelamontana

Posted: August 27, 2015

Hill County will be repairing Beaver Creek Dam starting Sept. 15 and lasting up to 45 days. The repairs require that water flow to Beaver Creek below the dam be shut off for the duration of the project. Adjustment in flows and the fishing closure will begin Sept. 1 to allow fish to adjust to the change. The closure will be in effect downstream from the dam on Beaver Creek Lake to the mouth of Beaver Creek on the Milk River near Havre.

“Shutting the flows off to 25 miles of Beaver Creek will definitely have some impacts but we hope that cooler temperatures and the numbers of beaver dams and pools in the stream will minimize these” says Cody Nagel, Havre Area Fisheries Biologist. Regardless, concentrating fish in pools with limited opportunity to move will stress fish due to reduced water quality and crowding. Closing the creek to all fishing during the project will help reduce some of these impacts.

FWP has the authority to close streams and other body of water if it’s determined that angling pressure has the potential to contribute to excessive fish mortality.

For questions on this closure, please contact fisheries biologist Cody Nagel at 406-265-6177 at the FWP Havre office.

(Report via Montana FWP)