Montana Wolf Trapping Certification Course to be Offered Online
By angelamontana

Posted: August 31, 2015

Anyone who wishes to set a trap for a wolf in Montana is required to first successfully complete the training course “Trapping Wolves in Montana.” The course is designed specifically for trapping wolves and is separate from a general trapper education course. This new course will be available September 15, 2015. This online course replaces the in-person classroom courses which were held in the past.

Some FWP regional offices may offer classroom certification courses. Contant the regional office near you for more information.Contact Regional Offices

Trappers who successfully completed a wolf trapping certification course in Montana or Idaho in the past do not need to retake the class. Idaho trappers must present a certificate of completion for a similar course issued through and certified by Idaho Fish and Game.

(Via Montana FWP)