Mountain Lion Sightings Increase Around Hamilton
By Toby Trigger

Posted: August 15, 2015

Residents in Hamilton, MT have reported seeing lions routinely around their homes recently.  Even in the Middle of the day time.  A reminder that with very high numbers of lions on the landscape the sightings are expected to increase.  Lions passing through your property or those killing wild game are not usually a threat to you or your livestock however, respect for these animals and good judgment is in order.

The featured photo was submitted by Bob Kubiack of Hamilton a few days ago (Aug 10) taken through his window blinds.  This lion was walking through  his front yard.  He also found where a white tailed deer fawn was killed in his yard by the predator but so far no threat to the animals he owns has been suspected.


If you see a mountain lion acting strangely or showing no fear of humans call the MT FPW regional office.