By angelamontana

Posted: August 3, 2015
Montana FWP is holding meetings throughout the state for their ’15 & Forward initiative and they NEED TO HEAR FROM SPORTSMEN! The ’15 and Forward initiative is to evaluate FWP’s vision and goals, which will help set priorities for the next 10 years

What you have to share is critical to this evaluation process. FWP would like to understand if they are meeting your needs, what they can do to serve you better, and hear your thoughts on FWP priorities for the next 10 years. Your input will be an integral part of identifying programs and services that are most valuable and relevant.

We encourage all sportsmen to participate in these meetings. The “non consumptive”, anti-hunting, anti-trapping groups have been pushing their agenda in these meetings. This is why we sportsmen and sportswomen MUST attend and make our voices heard. Below is a list of upcoming meetings. If you can not make it to a meeting PLEASE send in your comments online – deadline is August 16 by midnight. Click here:

Butte August 3  Kelly Steward Room, MT Tech Student Union Bldg, 1300 W Park St 6-9PM

Lewiston August 4 Yogo Inn, 211 E Main St 6-9PM

Bozeman – August 10 FWP HQ, 1400 S. 19th Avenue 6-9PM

KalispellAugust 12 Central School, 124 Second Avenue E 6-9PM

Thank you for utilizing your voice as a sportsman in our great state of Montana!