Veteran Hiker and former Yellowstone Employee found Mauled to Death by Grizzly in Yellowstone National Park
By rowdyrob

Posted: August 10, 2015

It appears that a momma grizzly bear and her cub were involved in the mauling and killing of an experienced hiker in Yellowstone National Park last week.  The hiker’s identity has not been release, but it is being told that he is a former employee of Yellowstone National Park.  His body was found on a very popular hiking trail called Elephant Back Loop after he did not show up for work.  Investigators identified defensive wounds on the man’s arms and said the victim was partially consumed.  The tracks around the scene were determined to be a female grizzly bear and at least one bear cub.  The trail has been closed, bear traps have been set and if caught, the bears that were involved in the attack will be euthanized.  To read the original NBC article, click here.