Elk Encounter of the Close Kind
By angelamontana

Posted: October 7, 2015
Matt McAfee not only has a cool hunting story, he also has a cool video to go with it!  This just might get you pumped to get out there, too!  What an awesome experience–thank you for sharing, Matt!
Check this out:
I was archery hunting near Missoula, MT.  Early in the morning I located a large herd of elk.  I approached, bugled, and the lead bull immediately moved the entire herd away from me.  I didn’t pursue them because they crossed onto private property.
A few hours later, I saw the same herd moving back to where I first saw them.  I raced back to the same location and knelt down behind a tree.  The elk walked down the fence line, turned, and came right at me.  I stayed perfectly still as about 100 elk poured in around me.  A third went to my right, another third went to my left, and the rest were right in front of me.  I had been in the same position for about 30 minutes and my knees and back were screaming.  Both legs had fallen asleep.  That’s when a cow walked right up to me and stopped.  Then a spike moved around behind me (at about 5 yards).  Both were looking right at me trying to figure out what I was.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a nice six by six moving from left to right but I knew if I moved, the cow and the spike would spook.  Despite the situation, I decided to go for it and when the bull’s head went behind the tree, I ever so slowly drew my bow.
Well, I missed.   I didn’t get set and rushed the shot.  Surprisingly, the herd didn’t spook.  The closest elk jumped but only moved out about 30 yards.  I froze and after about 10 minutes they settled and started to bed down.  That’s when I tool the video.
I wish I could say I got a second change, but I never got a shot I felt comfortable with.