Avoid getting grinched after Christmas
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: December 26, 2015

The twinkle-eyed bearded man and his fleet of tiny reindeer have already made their run, but some grinches might still be lurking in the shadows, ready to take Christmas cheer.

A conversation with a police officer last week revealed that a lot of thieves will head to the garbage bins after Christmas to decipher who got big ticket items in their stocking this year.

Huge TV boxes or long rifle boxes left on the curb can scream “Come take me!”

The officer suggested breaking down large conspicuous boxes or hauling the refuse to an off-site dump.

Serial numbers of new gifts, especially guns, should be saved immediately and stored in a location separate from the gun.

If officers don’t have a serial number, they often can’t get the property back to you, or prove it was stolen!

Remember, document your gear, it’s a target for thieves.