Bitteroot Buck Down!
By angelamontana

Posted: December 3, 2015

whitetailbuckKevin Noland celebrated archery hunting success in the Bitterroot last week, and what a rush!  Check out his story in his words:

Here’s a couple photos of the Whitetail buck I shot Wednesday the 26th of November in the morning.  This hunt was extra exciting based on a lot of deer activity overnight as a result of the recent snowstorm.  The buck was trying to trail a couple does, that moved through his area of interest.

I caught sight of him 150 yards out and watched him work directly towards me in his quest to catch up to the female deer that had recently passed by near me.  His angle of pursuit led him straight in my direction at a full frontal angle.  I was afraid I was not gonna have a good shot opportunity.

When he was in range of my shot, I let out a grunt call which caused him to turn directly broadside 22 yards away for me.  My arrow penetrated his chest with a heart/lung shot.

Hunts with results like this are what we dream about, and this is why we go sit in single-digit weather for hours at a time waiting for the encounter of a lifetime.  The head is in the process of getting officially scored but preliminary results indicate it will easily qualify for pope and young.

Congratulations, Kevin, and thank you for sharing. High five to you for harvesting such a beautiful buck with your bow!