First Time Elk for this Veteran Elk Hunter!
By angelamontana

Posted: December 3, 2015

Jason Maxwell, of Missoula–originally of Darby–has had a life full of successful hunting.  The interesting part is that he has spent all of his time with other people helping them celebrate their successes…until the 2015 general big game season.

Jason has been with his Dad on plenty of hunts where he has gotten his bull elk.  He has also been with his Grandpa who had gotten several bulls, too.  Jason has also witnessed his Mom take her bulls, too (read about her last one a few years ago here).  On top of that, after spending six years in the Marine Corps Reserves and being deployed twice to Iraq, Jason helped his friend, who is also a Marine, take his first bull elk from the same area Jason grew up hunting in and watching his family find their hunting successes in (read about SSgt Bowler’s first elk here).

This year, Jason had just about given up on elk–he was after wolves.  That all changed when he and his parents came across an elk herd with a heavy 4×4 trailing the cows on the day before Thanksgiving.  Jason took a shot at the bull, and the rest is history.  The antlers on his bull are heavy, and Jason couldn’t be more proud–nor could anybody else who knows Jason, especially his parents and his girlfriend!

This really was Jason’s year, as he not only filled the freezer and got a wall-hanger, but he also went home with perma-grin for what is certain to last through the year until the 2016 season.

Congratulations, Jason, for bringing home the bacon–I mean, the elk burger, summer sausage and jerky!