Merry Christmas from Brett French
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: December 25, 2015

Santa didn’t leave an elk for me under the Christmas tree. That’s probably OK, though. Having an elk in the house would be pretty messy unless it was in 1 pound frozen packages of freezer wrap. I tried to find one last weekend in the White Sulphur Springs area, and although we saw a small group of cows, they bolted before we could put the sneak on them. We weren’t the only out-of-town folks to visit the community. I saw plates from Washington as well as Wolf Point. The season runs until Feb. 15 for those still hankering to fill an unused elk tag. Just be prepared for a tough hunt. Afterward, I suggest a soak in the town’s hot springs to relieve your aching joints and a burger at the Bar 47 just down the street. To read more about my trip, read the stories online at The Billings Gazette.

Brett French

Outdoors editor