Montana Hunting and Fishing Reports 2/13/16
By Kamp Cook

Posted: February 13, 2016

Spring temps may be putting a damper on some winter activities, but they are also bringing new opportunities for fishing. Hear all of our statewide fishing reports, from the latest episode of the Montana Outdoor Radio Show.

February 13th Summaries
-Bill from Bob Wards says there were people fishing Beavertail catching a few trout doing well, Georgetown Lake doing really for trout and salmon, and in Hamilton the rivers are producing.
-Brett French Outdoor Editor of the Billings Gazette talks about this group that helps buffalo hunters in the Gardner area. Check out his article at
-Chancy from Snappy’s in Kalispell says the ice conditions are in flux so be careful out there, and there is some good fishing out there.
-Dale at Don’s says good reports from Hell Creek.
-Dallas at Highline Cleaners in Chester says warm weather has the ice a little soft in areas, but there are folks catching walleye and trout on Tiber.
-Gene Fincher the Happy Hooker talks shop and this season’s Perch Pounder Tournament, that started February 1st with door prizes being awarded February 27th, and says there are a lot of fish are coming in.
-Jim at Westside Sports in Malta says there 12-15 inches of ice on Nelson.
-John at Lakeside Resort in Trout Creek on Noxon Rapids Reservoir says they are still ice fishing Martin’s Creek Bay for pike.
-Leonard of Roberts bait and Tackle says its almost time to start prepping your boats as the ice breaks up.
-Mary Beth Kibler of Kibler Outfitting says folks are getting out as far as Lucky Point but the warm weather may change that. To book your fishing trip call 406-557-2503
-Mike Markum of the Stone Fly Fly Shop in Butte says with the bit of area thaw making it a bit slushy out there, nymphing is best on the most area rivers.
-Rob from Ronan Sports and Western says the ice fishing is gaining traction in the area especially on Lake Mary Ronan with 6-8 inches of ice.
-Ron Aashiem of the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks reminds folks to be aware of the new license fees and a new base hunting license. For more information go to
-Ryan of Bob Wards says The Gallatin has a lot of open water, and the Upper Madison is fishing well. In Helena the ice for Canyon Ferry ice is best around the Silos, but otherwise be ware out there.
-Trevor Johnson of Kit’s Tackle describes his trip on the Columbia River fishing