A Big Green Birthday (with Colonel Smoothbore)
By angelamontana

Posted: March 27, 2016

easter7In an earlier column, we studied the history of Remington® Arms. Eliphalet Remington, Jr’s company is now 200 years old and still growing. Remington® has been owned by numerous entities over the years, but America’s oldest gun manufacturer has always been a leader in the firearms industry. To celebrate its bicentennial birthday, “Big Green” is offering several limited edition guns, most all are likely to become collector’s items. Here’s a quick look.


easter9First a Remington® R11 pistol. This gun is chambered in the venerable .45 easter8ACP cartridge. The semi-auto pistol is a classic 1911 design and comes with lovely walnut grips, an engraved frame and slide, a special serial number, and a gold inlay designating the 200th anniversary model. The gun also comes with a commemorative bicentennial box and certificate of authenticity. Suggested MSRP, $1649.

A Model 7600 pump action rifle is also available. It has upgraded walnut stock and forearm with Fleur de Lis checkering, a highly polished blued barrel and receiver; the receiver also sports gold inlays. Like the R11, the gun also comes with a commemorative box, a grip cap medallion, and special serial number. It is chambered in the classic .30-06 Springfield. This 7600 has a MSRP of $ 1999.


The Remington® Model 700 has been around for 54 years and is one of the most successful rifle designs of all time. The 200th anniversary model adds to the legend. The gun has the following features: C-Grade Walnut Stock with Fleur de Lis checkering, classic American style engraving and gold inlay, steel floorplate, grip medallion, special serial number, New England Custom sights, and a custom box. MSRP is $ 2399, and like the very first Model 700, it’s chambered in 7 MM Remington Magnum.


Remington® didn’t forget those of us that love smoothbores. Two of the most famous shotguns in history get the birthday treatment. A Model 1100 (MSRP $ 1999) and a Model 870 (MSRP $ 1499) give scatter gunners something to wish for. Both guns have C-grade walnut stocks with Fleur de Lis checkering, classic American style engraving with gold inlays, and grip medallions. Each comes in a commemorative box with the Remington timeline and both, like the other guns described above, have special serial numbers. Both guns are chambered in 12 gauge.



Production of these 200th anniversary firearms is limited to 2016 guns each. They are all extremely attractive, and any firearms aficionado would be proud to own one. As usual, I’m especially interested in the shotguns. There are other offerings to help celebrate our oldest firearms manufacturer’s 200th birthday, but the guns described above are the ones that will hold the most interest for gun lovers and collectors. As they are priced very reasonably, they will sell out quickly. If you want one, I suggest you hurry to your local dealer.

Be safe and good shooting.

Colonel Smoothbore