Missouri Breaks Elk Study Reveals their Ability to Survive: Brett French Radio Show Preview
By angelamontana

Posted: April 8, 2016
We all know how tough it can be to shoot an elk during the hunting season. They seem to know where you are and what tag is in your pocket. Considering their size, they are an incredibly elusive animal. That holds true in the Missouri Breaks, a portion of which was used for a Fish, Wildlife and Parks study of elk. Over two years FWP tracked 47 collared cow elk to see where they traveled and when. The agency was hoping to find out if elk were available to hunters during the season, or if they were hiding out on adjacent private lands. The findings are what you might expect: when pressured elk will seek an area that is safe. In some cases that was private land, in others it was dense brush and timber far from any roads. To read more about the study, or to read the study itself, see my story in The Billings Gazette athttp://bgz.tt/j8fed