Montana Hunting and Fishing Report 4/2/16
By Kamp Cook

Posted: April 2, 2016

Its the first weekend in April, and a beautiful one too. Hear all the statewide fishing reports from the latest episode of the Montana Outdoor Radio Show.

April 2nd Summaries
-Bill from Bob Wards says Browns Lake is really hot producing some nice catches from the shore, and in the Hamilton are the Bitterroot River is the place to be with top water flies.
-Brett French Outdoor Editor of the Billings Gazette talks about his video released from a couple years ago of a Game Warden and the Ft Bellnap area and who gets to manage those area lands. Check out his article at
-Chancy from Snappy’s in Kalispell says most of the lakes are open now, good kokannee reports out of Middle Thompson.
Charlie at Don’s says Ackley Lake is producing Tiger Muskie.
-Cindy from The Spring Mack Days says 1400 fish turned on Friday.
-Dale at Don’s says there’s a lot of action going on, mostly on Ft Peck and the Mighty Mo has been exceptional.
-Dallas at Highline Cleaners in Chester says Tiber is doing well on walleyes and says don’t drive on the beach fish from it.
-Kevin Frasier from Bretz RV and Marine talks shop and some limited time offers for this week end.
-Leonard of Roberts Bait and Tackle talks about the “Pelican’s and the Bucket Brigrades, Holter is producing, and Piscan is a bit low right now.
-Mary Beth Kibler of Kibler Outfitting reports on the meeting March 29th with the Army Corp of Engineers & Montana State Parks. More information to be released as it becomes available. To book your fishing trip call 406-557-2503
-Mike Markum of the Stone Fly Fly Shop in Butte says the hatch is on in areas and nymphing is hot.
-Rob from Ronan Sports and Western says the perch are starting to turn up in the East bay of Flathead.
-Ron Aashiem of the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks has big news for turkey hunters. For more information go to
-Tammy of Northwestern Sports in Eureka says Spring is here and the bass are biting.
-Todd Young of the Montana Walleye Governors Cup FT Peck there are 120 teams signed up already, only 80 spots remaining
-Todd Mitchell from the Gallatin Madison Walleyes Unlimited Chapter talks about the Canyon Ferry Walleye Festival coming up in June.