New TV Series Fish Or Die Premiers on Animal Planet May 1st
By Toby Trigger

Posted: May 1, 2016

Fresh from the F3T Series that brings you the Fly Fishing Film Festival around Montana this news is just in  –  just in case you haven’t heard!

From the F3T Fly Fishing Film Tour:

Hey F3T Fans, we have some incredible news from our friends at MOTIV FISHING.

The crew you know from the Geofish and Geobass projects is headed for prime time and will be premiering their new show, FISH OR DIE on Animal Planet this Sunday night!

Follow the crew as they continue their quest to fish in some of the most remote and dangerous locations on the planet or die trying.

Four diehard fishermen are determined to be the first to fish the most remote waters left on earth…or die trying. The places they go are so isolated and dangerous that a camera crew can’t follow them, so they film their adventures themselves. Their plan is to travel across all seven continents in a vegetable oil powered pickup truck, chasing rumors of giant fish and virgin waters. Along the way, they will battle the elements, dodge drug cartels and endure hell, as they risk their lives in an attempt to live their dream.

There are still thousands of unexplored bodies of water scattered across the globe. Hidden in remote, seemingly inaccessible and always dangerous locations, many of these waterways hold fish – big fish – fish that have never seen a lure or a fly.

Getting to them could kill a person, or make their life worth living. These four best friends prefer to assume the latter. Following in the footsteps of their heroes; Meriwether Lewis, William Clark and Johnny Knoxville, these self proclaimed fish bums are determined be the first to find, and fish, these wild places — or die trying.

The Fish Or Die team is ready to take on the best, and worst, that Mother Nature, and mankind can throw at them. Fueled by vegetable oil, questionable judgment and an unquenchable desire to live life to the fullest, it will be the adventure of a lifetime. Hop in and buckle up. It’s going to be one hell of a ride.


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