First Montana Cat for this Angler!
By angelamontana

catfishinit2John Abshire and his girlfriend, Janal Martin, are avid supporters of hunting, trapping and fishing, and they also have aspirations of living off-grid.  The duo recently hit the water for some fishing after a long work week and decided to go after those infamous Montana cats like you see Eddie White, owner of The Minnow Bucket, catching on a regular basis.  John and Janal don’t typically catch anything when they go out, but it doesn’t matter, as they still enjoy fishing and each other’s company (I assume), and they always acknowledge that shard of optimism in the back of their mind that keeps telling them this next time out could be the time they catch something.

Well, this past weekend WAS John’s time!  John caught his first (of what is soon to be many, I’m sure) Montana catfish in the Yellowstone River.  It’s a nice one, too!  Janal is no stranger to catching fish and successful hunting trips in Montana, as she was born and raised here, but this is a big deal for John, as he was raised down south.  He has caught many fish in his life and has also been on successful hunts, but Montana firsts are always a smidge better than other firsts, in my personal opinion.

Congratulations, John, and keep those pictures coming!  Looking forward to seeing pictures of Janal’s catches in the near future, too!