What Are Those Eggs?
By Toby Trigger

Posted: May 7, 2016

Hunting in western Montana whether for antlers, mushrooms or black bears puts hunters in the middle of nature. One of the fringe benefits for sportsmen and women is all the things we see that others won’t like finding eggs in a make shift nest.

Just because there is no hen sitting doesn’t mean she isn’t around. But check out the feathers in the nest as a clue. Other clues like location and type of nest are great give aways. This nest is at the base of a tree and on the ground. Other birds may build elaborate nests like eagles at teh top of huge evergreen trees. Others make nests from mud, sticks or plastic they took from the garbage can.

My biggest clue for this one was the roughed grouse hen that flew off the eggs just ten feet away. Discovering the little things in nature as we spend time hunting, trapping or fishing is as much a part of theoutdoor experience as pulling the trigger, setting the hook or removing a furbearer from a trap.

Take pride in your woodsmanship by learning more about the animals in your area than just those you are pursuing.