Canyon Ferry Festival 2016 FINAL RESULTs
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: June 26, 2016
144 competed in this years Canyon Ferry Walleye Festival.
Here the top five winners:
FIRST PLACE : The two that were in the lead yesterday kept that lead. Congrats Ty Hinderager and Matt Fischer with a Day 2 weight of 25.12 pounds giving them the winning total of 46.14 pounds and $10,000!
SECOND PLACE: Jake Monroe and Jeff Ingram had a great Day 2 weight of 31.1 pounds giving them a total of 40.84 pounds and $4,500.
THIRD PLACE: Whit Rush and Kris Kellar moved up from 4th place yesterday and had a Day 2 total weight of 14.36 pounds giving them a total of 32.7 pounds and $2,500
FORTH PLACE: Jim Gillespie and Jim Muscat had a Day 2 weight of 14.78 pounds giving them a total of 30.5 pounds and $1,250.
FIFTH PLACE: Jason Mundel and Bob Hickey came back from a rough day yesterday of only posting a weight of 2.02 pounds to get a great day 2 weight of 28.4 pounds bringing their total for the tournament to 30.42 pounds and getting them the 5th place money of $1,000. Not bad for ending day one all the way back in 65th place!