Chinook Salmon are Biting on Fort Peck
By angelamontana

Posted: July 15, 2016

Jeff Schuchard from Jamestown, ND and Austin Frey from Bismark, ND had a chance to fish with Bill Zahradka from Wolf Point last weekend on Fort Peck. They targeted salmon, and they had success. “The bite is on”, said Zahradka, whom the Captain has labeled the Salmon Slayer. There is some cautious optimism that this might just be the best Chinook salmon season in a long time on Fort Peck and it might just rival the great years that Fort Peck had in the 90’s.

imageAnglers are already catching salmon at the face of the dam and it should only get better as we get closer to August. That is the month that typically has been the best for catching salmon.

Anglers troll the face of the dam 60-90 feet with flashers and squid set-ups typically. They also are successful with spoons.