Montana Trappers Campfire Philosophy
By Toby Trigger

Posted: July 3, 2016

Is the Animal Rights Activist Ballot Measure I-177 Legal?

Recently a radical animal rights organization claimed to have gathered enough signatures to put a public lands blockade on all public lands in Montana for fur trappers on the November ballot.  And the Montana Secretary of state seems to agree.  But what about Montana’s State Constitution, is it being ignored?  It’s time to challenge the animal rights agenda.

The animal rights group got enough signatures to qualify for a ballot measure with 37 of 34 legislative districts.  If you read what is written on a few websites, that seems like the path that is needed for animal rightists to achieve their anti- hunting, Trapping and fishing agenda.  But IS IT REALLY THE LEGAL PATH?

According to the printed copy of the Montana Code Annotated 2015 page 20, Section 4 Initiative (1) of the Montana Constitution still refers to “one-half of the counties” and only an Attorney General opinion in 2005 refers to one-third of the legislative districts.

THAT IS THE HARD COPY OF THE MONTANA CONSTITUTION LANGUAGE IN THE MCA 2015 that most law experts have a copy of on their  bookshelf.  I don’t care what might be on internet websites.  A judge will have the same language in his or her hard copy volume of the MCA 2015.

Hmmm.  It seems like it’s time to challenge the constitutionality of gathering signatures in 34 legislative districts when our constitution clearly says “half the counties”.

What is the value of Montana’s state constitution if it can be ignored by special interest groups?

I say enough is enough.  What do you think?