Y.O.U. Youth Outdoors Unlimited Helps Terminally Ill Kids Get Outdoors!
By Toby Trigger

Posted: July 17, 2016

Do you know a Info on YOU Kid with bear Kid with salmon Kids huntingchild with a threatening illness or physical disability who would love to go on the hunt of a lifetime with experienced hunters?

If you do check out www.youthoutdoorsu.com

Youth Outdoors Unlimited, Y.O.U.
Y.O.U. is a 501(c)3 corporation organized to take youth diagnosed with a life threatening illness or physical disability and have a DREAM to hunt or fish on their own outdoor adventure.
All adventure expenses are covered by our fundraising efforts or donated by companies or individuals.  This includes any necessary training, full outfitting, all food chosen by the youth, reimbursement for any travel associated with this adventure, taxidermy if applicable, meat processing and video/photo programs.  It is our mission that these youth and their family will have the desire and skills necessary to become ethical and active lifelong participants of the great outdoors.  Regardless of an ability to pay the organization covers expenses for all adventures.  Donating back or in future fundraising efforts is completely optional.
All Y.O.U. participants are accompanied at all times by at least one parent or guardian.  It’s about the youth and their families who strive to provide every opportunity for their child to experience every opportunity possible or simply a few days to forget about their physical challenges or difficult medical treatments
Y.O.U. works to fulfill the hunting or fishing request of each youth.  There is not a physical limitation that can not be accommodated because where there is a will there is always a way.  Outdoor men and women with physical challenges simply need to find a different way to approach the outdoors.  The guides of Youth Outdoors are experienced and creative providing safe and comfortable opportunities to hunt or fish regardless of the physical disability.
Applications for a Y.O.U. Adventure can be found on our website at youthoutdoorsu.org under the Apply For A Trip Tab or by contacting our Executive Director, Cindy Carpenter at you@youthoutdoorsu.org or by phone at (509) 431-1604.