The Chinook Salmon Roundup on Fort Peck with the Captain
By Kamp Cook

Posted: August 13, 2016

It was a great four days of salmon fishing on Fort Peck Reservoir this past Sunday through Wednesday. All in all 28 salmon were boated by anglers in two boats and everyone had a chance to reel in one or more of these epic fighting fish.
“Just like the Salmon Slayer told me you have to hunt for them once you find the bait fish the salmon are probably going to be close by”, said the Captain referring to Bill Zahradka from Wolf Point. Most salmon were caught with their junk down 80 feet with a combination of 8 and 11 inch flashers trailed by Brad Super Bait or a squid. Both boats used downriggers and dipsy divers. The downriggers caught most of the salmon.
Enjoy the pictures of salmon caught during the trip.


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