Surplus Licenses and Permits Still Available (but going fast)
By Toby Trigger

Nearly every year the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks has left over licenses and permits for antlerless deer, elk and antelope.  A few still remain for specific areas in the state.  Here is a Break down of what’s left as of August 12, 2016:

DEER B – Antlerless Deer

Unit 07-03  has 4026 licenses available for MULE DEER

Unit 299-00 has 18 licenses available for WHITE TAILED DEER

Unit 599-00 has 293 licenses available for WHITE TAILED DEER


ELK B -Antlerless elk

Unit 004-00 has 955 available for elk

Unit 315-01 9 has 540-00 available for elk

Unit 395-00 has Antlerless 30 available for elk

Unit 798-01 has Antlerless 77 available for elk

Unit 311-00 has Antlerless 338  available for elk

Other Licenses and Permits Availible

Available starting August 8, 2016.  See regulations for specifics on districts listed. 
Antelope Doe/Fawn Region 3 – Prerequisite:  Either sex antelope license obtained through special drawing.  Eligible only for doe/fawn in same district as either sex license.       Cost:  Res.  $14.00    NR – $200.00

District  Quota  

1                 360-20
Limit per hunter  Offered to successfuls in  341-30

District        Quota

188                    1


Deer B  RGN 7 2nd Antlerless WT (Res Only)

Prerequisite:  Conservation, Base Hunting and any single region WT.   

Region            Cost          Quota         Limit            

007-01            $10              1700              1
Surplus Turkey License –  Prerequisite:  Conservation, Upland Bird and Base Hunting License.    Cost:  Res. –  $6.50    NR   –  $57.50 (or $115 without the purchase of Upland Bird)

District          Quota                Mineral County

282-50                117


Licenses available through FWP hunting license sales agents or at FWP regional headquarters.

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