15 Year-Old Hunter Sticks Huge 7×7 Bull!
By angelamontana

Posted: September 23, 2016

Hunter Davis is a 15 year old from Bonner, Montana. On Tuesday Hunter was was hunting by himself. His dad Sean was only a phone call away. Hunter was doing some stalking and let out a bugle and got a couple responses. Hunter then called again a bull came off the mountain and crossed the Blackfoot River apparently looking to fight the elk that it had just heard. As the bull crossed the river it stopped and took a drink of water..

Hunter seized that opportunity to draw his bow and stick the beautiful bull elk with a perfectly placed arrow at 50 yards away. The elk turned to run and got about half way across the river and then dropped in the water. Hunter and his dad found it the next morning 100 yards down stream from the shot site. The water cooled it down enough over night to save all the meat. It is Hunters first elk.

Way to go Hunter, you lived up to your name!