Bozeman/Butte Recreation Report by Bob Ward’s Sports & Outdoors 9.30.16
By angelamontana

Posted: September 30, 2016

Bozeman Fishing:

Gallatin- the dirty water has mostly gone and the fish have moved into smaller softer water. A few October caddis and mahoganies have been spotted but the best set up will include a san Juan worm and a medium sized Rubberlegs. Streamer fishing hasn’t picked up fully yet but twitching a small streamer through shallow runs can work off and on.

Flies; purple haze # 16-18 Adams #16-18 October caddis #12-14 hot head power worm #8-12 pats stone #10 black bugger #8 gray zonker #10

Upper Madison-If you want to fish dries your options are getting limited. Baetis and beetles may work but Nymphing with a worm, Rubberlegs or Baetis nymph is the most effective. Streamer fishing is still pretty slow but using a baitfish pattern before one of these next storms should produce.

Flies; Adams #16-20 hot head power worm #8-12 pats stone #8-12 pheasant tail #16-18 barely legal olive/white natural dungeon black meat tickets.

Lower Madison-with another few days of cold rainy weather we should start to see October caddis come off in greater numbers. As for right now the best setup is going to be a crayfish trailed by a small dark nymph. The fish are in the middle of the river so fish the runs and buckets instead of the bank. The streamer fishing has picked up as the browns slowly get more aggressive your better off swinging it than stripping it in.

Flies; October caddis #10-12 purple haze #16-18 mc crawdad #8-12 pheasant tail #16-18 olive sculpin olive natural dungeon Galloups natural boogieman

Yellowstone- the dirty water has passed and the river is back to average. Throwing small Baetis or bwo patterns to pods of rising fish in the banks can be effective. A large stonefly pattern trailed by a small dark nymph is a very productive rig right now. On cloudy days’ streamer fishing has been good with brown black and olive patterns.

Flies-Adams #18-20 bwo #18-20 Kaufman’s stone #12 black copper bob #16 natural dungeon black meal ticket.

Butte Fishing:

Cooler temperatures have brought the fishing conditions back to fairly stable standards. The Big Hole browns have been feeding on small midge patterns, grasshoppers, San Juan worms and a few pheasant tails. Surface activity has been primarily Parachute Adams, Purple Haze and floating Hoppers or x caddis. The whitefish down by dickie bridge have been hitting the Parachute Purple Haze.

The Beaverhead is cleaning slowly of moss this week but in the beginning to fish. Hoppers and Chubbies fished along the bank and under the willows have been good patterns. Nymphing with midges like Zebra Midges or pink Ray Charles have been parachutes. Real Hoppers or Nightcrawlers are always a good choice.

The Jefferson is slowly coming back this week. Bullhead and Gulpin patterns are good choices as well as Crayfish patterns. Panther Martin spinners or Mepps are great on the Jefferson.

Georgetown is producing for Wooly Buggers and Leech patterns retrieved very slowly. Nightcrawlers with marshmallows or powerbait work well on the trout.