Montana Bobcat Trapping
By Toby Trigger

Posted: December 24, 2016

A good day on any Montana Trappers trap line usually includes a nice catch of fur bearing animals.  Kind of like filling a bucket with walleyes, bagging a bull elk or piling up a few ducks.

Success comes in many forms in trapping as it does in hunting and fishing but occasionally trappers have one of those memorable days in the field that define the whole season.

One Montana trapper we’ll call Trapper Bill had one of those days recently when he checked his traps after a few lean weeks and found three bobcats along his trap line!

Trapper Bill builds cubbies out of natural materials during the summer and fall to provide a weather proof place for his traps during the winter season and to create an interesting visual attractor for travelling bobcats.

Bait and lure are placed inside each cubby along typical travel routes and Trapper Bill uses a well placed trap to catch and hold them.  Often trappers approach their traps to find that the bobcats walked through the cubby but didn’t step on the trap pan but that wasn’t the case on this memorable day.

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