Anti-Montanan’s Love To Read About Pro-Montanan’s Success
By Toby Trigger

Posted: February 26, 2017

Writers in Montana who write about things like hunting, trapping and fishing enjoy the support of like minded readers but they also have an unseen following:  anti-Montanan’s are reading too.

Recently an anti-Montana trapping organization posted about a post on the Montana Outdoor Radio Show’s website about the use of straw used for hound dog bedding to trap wolves.  The post was titled “Hay! What’s Hay Got To Do With Catching Wolves?”

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The information about using straw to trap wolves was relayed via the results of wolf trapping success.  A reader of the Montana Outdoor Radio Show found the anti-Montana article  and informed us about the dis-information being spread. 

Basically, the anti-Montanan’s stated that a Montana trapper had recently discovered a new way to trap wolves using “hay” and that “hay” attracts deer and elk and that trappers will trap non-targets as a result.  This is in line with other garbage the anti’s write but it show cases the shear ignorance of these types of people.

The straw used in the article amounted to about 6 ounces of straw that had been stomped on by numerous hounds for weeks and it was used at a natural wolf pee-post to add a unique visual attractant to the set location.  This set worked to trap two wolves in four weeks and was never visited by anything other than wolves.

While it is difficult to accept the ignorance of anti-Montanan’s it is nice to know that they are reading and writing about how awesome hunting, trapping and fishing is and likewise how awesome hunters, trappers and anglers are.

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