Pay It Forward!!! (By Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: February 13, 2017

Our feelings, when hunting and fishing, are special. They will not be enjoyed, unless you get out of your Fat Boy Chair, and venture outdoors. Sure, it may be windy, cold, rainy, and did I say cold? Thank goodness for the great clothing and gear available to make our outdoor experiences better and more comfortable.

The greatest hunters and fishermen, that I know, do something important. They SHARE their harvest! Some successful sportsmen become secretive, greedy, and selective about sharing their sport. Secret Spots and selfish behavior may insure that they have some privacy, but why? If you catch a big fish or shoot the Big Buck alone, what is the point?
Sharing your harvest with others is easy. Recently I shared some trout with my Dentist, and a surf and turf, of venison and striper filets, with a friend.

Hunters and fishermen were once very important to the community. Not everyone has the energy, skill, or knowledge to put dinner on the plate. If your freezer is full and you are not sharing, then you are “hoarding”! You also may be breaking the possession limits, if you have more than 2 limits in the freezer, or unregistered and untagged critters.
We evolve as sportsmen. Our first instincts may be selfish, but real sportsmen also enjoy sharing their tips, tricks, and techniques. Catching a fish or critter is the first step. Then we want to catch a pile of them. Next, we target a “big one” or specific critter or fish. Finally, our joy comes from showing others how to become sportsmen.

Teaching others how to fish and hunt is the greatest trophy of all. If you think you are the best sportsman, teach others how to be like you. Not only are you sharing a wonderful gift, you are challenging yourself to become a better person and mentor. At some point, your students will share with you, and Pay It Forward, and backwards. The other good news, is that you will share the company, and special moments with others. Our natural resources are important to all of us. The more voters/sportsmen, who appreciate and understand this, the more hunting and fishing opportunities we will have in the future.

Sportsmen will forget what you said, Sportsmen will forget what you did, but Sportsmen will never forget how you made them feel!

Montana Grant
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