Bill To Delist Wolves in NE Washington Dies in Committee
By Toby Trigger

Posted: March 5, 2017

According to a recent report from the Sportsmen’s Alliance Washington state has failed to pass legislation that would allow a wolf hunting season.

Legislation that would have removed wolves from the state’s endangered species list in four northeastern Washington state counties failed to pass a legislative committee before the Feb. 17 deadline.

Washington_wolf_packHouse Bill 1872, sponsored by Rep. Joel Kretz (R- Wauconda), would have required the state to delist the species in the four counties east of the Cascade Mountain range along the Canadian border. Listed as endangered since 1973, HB 1872 would have permitted the state to manage the population in the region of the state where wolf numbers have recovered and are causing ancillary issues to wildlife and livestock. Wolves in this part of the state were federally delisted in 2009, along with states of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. Animal rights groups have worked hard to block any delisting of wolves however, including filing a lawsuit over the Western Great Lake population.

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