Bozeman/Butte Recreation Report by Bob Ward’s Sports & Outdoors 3.31.17
By angelamontana

Posted: March 31, 2017

Bozeman Fishing

Gallatin River- the river is slightly high and colored up right now but it is definitely still fishable. Reports of stoneflies eggs and worms have been most common. The rainbows have started t5o move into the riffles and many fish are going to be feeding right along the banks as well. Some of the biggest fish can be found right on the bank. Cooler days will equal better water for the most part.

Lower Madison river- the river is a little colored up right now but nothing too bad. Stoneflies and worms have been the best producers but eggs are crawfish should not be ignored.s treamer bite has been decent with natural colored sculpins being the best pattern.

Upper Madison river-  flows are good on the upper as well as clarity. Worms eggs and stoneflies are all good flies to fish for numbers. Reds will start to appear soon so keep your eyes peeled as to not disturb spawning  fish.

Yellowstone River-  Rains have been consistently hitting the park causing the Yellowstone to dirty up. There is good fishable water along the banks where you are likely to find fish feeding. Wading is still good but most all of the boat ramps are still unusable. The streamer bite has picked up so try some big dark patterns to entice a big hungry fish

Butte Fishing

With the spring weather the spring fishing is really improving. The river is in great shape but there is still ice on the banks and the Town Access and Valley Garden are closed but people have been walking in. Pallisades still has some snow drift issues but that will be cleared up shortly. The rest of the river is game on. We have been doing best with stone fly stuff as well as worms, eggs, and very large copper johns. The fish are still concentrated in the deeper slower water and need the fly right in their face. This means a bunch of lead. Once you find the right combo of bugs and weight you should be good to go all day. The rainbows are starting to get colored up but no spawning activity reported yet. It will happen shortly. Guide trips out daily and new gear arriving each day. Stop in for the best bugs on the Madison.

The Jefferson River’s fishing fair to stripped streamers. Black & yellow are good colors. The Big Hole is running cloudy this week, you might try a few bright colors. Blue Winged Olives or March Browns with a Zebra Midge or Pink Ray Charles. We should see a few hatches appear on warmer days.

The Beaverhead has been fishing fair below Pipe Organ Bridge. Fishing streamers or BWO’s on warmer days are a good bet. Small new bugs on North Eastern end of the Beaverhead are a good choice.

Above all exercise caution on the ice.