Calls-M-All Demonstrations at Missoula GRSS
By Kamp Cook

We recently got introduced to Bruce Hancock, the creator of the Calls-Em-All game call. This handy little device allows your to carry one call that can call in critters for just about any situation you find yourself in. The best part, it is the size of a credit card and fits in your pocket. We recently chatted with Bruce Hancock, and he shared with us a just a taste of what you can accomplish with the Calls-M-All.

Bruce will be appearing at the Missoula Great Rockies Sports Show, along with demonstrations and your chance to purchase one for yourself. Not, to mention he will be offering up a special GRSS deal. During the Missoula show, you can get your very own Calls-M-All, an instructional DVD and replacement bands, for only $25 (normally $50.)

Hear our full interview with Bruce, from a recent episode of the Montana Outdoor Radio Show.