Flathead Reservation Fish and Wildlife Board to Meet May 30
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: May 24, 2017

The Flathead Reservation Fish and Wildlife Board will meet on Tuesday, May 30 beginning at 6 p.m. at 35840 Round Butte Road in Ronan.  The meeting will be held in a white house behind Dairy Queen at that address. Round Butte Road is located off Highway 93 in Ronan.  For more specific directions, check with CSKT’s Amanda Bourdon or Tom McDonald (675-2700).  All interested persons are invited to attend.  The agenda is listed below:

6:00 pm           Call Meeting to Order                        Pelah Hoyt, State Chair                                                         

Introductions                                      Everyone                    

                                    Review/Approval of Minutes for 2/22/2017 (State Chair)

                                    Review/Approval of Minutes for October 2016 (Tribal Chair)

6:20 pm           Housekeeping

Elect Vice Chairman (State representative)

6:30 pm           Tribal Projects                                     CSKT Staff

                                    2016 Accomplishments

                                    2017 Projects

7:30 pm           AIS Update                                         Tom McDonald                                 

7:45 pm           New Business

8:00 pm           Adjourn

The Advisory Board is composed of tribal and state members and a representative of the U. S. Fish and Wildlife service. The Board is advisory to the State and Tribes and is responsible for the development of cooperative management plans which include fishing and bird hunting regulations.

Interested persons can get more information by calling Germaine White at 883-2888, or John Fraley at FWP at 751-4564 by sending email to germainew@cskt.org or jfraley@mt.gov