Grizzly killed near Eureka
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: May 12, 2017

On May 11, FWP and Federal Wildlife Services captured a 209-pound 3-yr old male grizzly bear in the Eureka area after the bear killed eight domestic sheep. The landowners called FWP immediately; FWP and Wildlife Services investigated and confirmed that the grizzly had killed the sheep. Several traps were set and the bear was captured after dark the same day the trap was set. The bear was killed on site.

The bear had been previously captured in the fall of 2016 just north of Kalispell after it got into fruit trees next to houses. After capture, the bear was released in the North Fork drainage in Whale Creek. Eventually the bear moved to the Eureka/Glenn Lake area in the fall and was being monitored with a GPS radio collar. While FWP didn’t receive, any conflict calls on the bear after release, GPS locations were frequently near residences. In the last few days, the bear crossed Highway 93, moved west of Eureka, and was located at the site of the sheep kill.

Because of the previous conflict capture and the sheep kills, FWP and the US Fish and Wildlife Service, following the IGBC guidelines, made the decision to remove the bear.

For more information, contact Tim Manley, 250-1265.