Two Female Grizzly Bears Captured in the Yaak
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: June 26, 2017

On June 20, 2017, FWP captured two 2.5-year old grizzly bear siblings in the upper Yaak River area after the bears were seen grazing on lawns at several residences, and accessed songbird feeders. These siblings were previously captured in the Creston Valley area of British Columbia, Canada after being seen near residences on June 5, 2017. Canadian conservation officers captured and relocated the bears in British Columbia near the Montana border to prevent conflict with humans in the Creston area. Canadian researchers fitted one of the females with a GPS tracking collar.

The decision was made to split up the siblings and put as much landscape as possible between them. This technique of splitting up siblings has worked in the past for reducing potential conflict with people. British Columbia offered to take back the female that was collared in Canada, therefore that female was relocated back to British Columbia in White Creek, a tributary of the St. Mary’s River, on June 22 and will continue to be monitored by researchers in British Columbia. The second female was fitted with a GPS collar and released in upper Spread Creek, Montana, on June 21. This female will be monitored by FWP.

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks encourages residents to remove songbird feeders and other bear attractants during the months that bears are awake.

For more information, contact Kim Annis, FWP Cabinet-Yaak Bear Management Specialist, at 293-4161 or 291-1320.