There Are at least 20 Wildfires Burning Up Montana Right Now
By angelamontana

For those of you wanting to keep track of just how much of Montana is burning as of the afternoon of Sunday, July 30th, here is a list of current wildfires in Montana….For the latest information, visit InciWeb.

  1. Incident: Bruner Mountain Fire Wildfire
  2. Incident: Buffalo Fire Wildfire
  3. Incident: Alice Creek Fire Wildfire
  4. Incident: Rice Ridge Fire Wildfire
  5. Incident: Lodgepole Complex Wildfire
  6. Incident: Burdette Fire Wildfire
  7. Incident: Monahan Fire Wildfire
  8. Incident: Sunrise Fire Wildfire
  9. Incident: Goat Creek Fire Wildfire
  10. Incident: Meyers Fire Wildfire
  11. Incident: Arrastra Creek Fire Wildfire
  12. Incident: Dominic Butte Wildfire
  13. Incident: Crying Fire Wildfire
  14. Incident: Whetstone Ridge Fire Wildfire
  15. Incident: Lolo Peak Fire Wildfire
  16. Incident: Park Creek Fire Wildfire
  17. Incident: Sapphire Complex Wildfire
  18. Incident: Tongue River Complex Wildfire
  19. Incident: Blue Ridge Complex Wildfire
  20. Incident: July Fire Wildfire

Our thoughts and prayers are with all who are affected by any of these fires, and a huge amount of thanks to all who are fighting these fires.  Thank goodness the government reversed their decision in aiding Montana with fighting these fires. Click here for details.