28-Pound Salmon Caught on Fort Peck Monday!
By angelamontana

Dennis Hanson from Chester, Montana fished with the Captain Monday on Fort Peck for salmon.  They only caught one, but it was a dandy!  It weighed 28 pounds and measured 37 inches-long, and it fought like it was even bigger! Incidentally, the current state record is 31.10 pounds, 38 inches-long and was caught back in 1991 by Carl Niles on the face of the dam on Fort Peck with a Diamond King Spoon on October 2nd.

It was Hansen’s first salmon after years of trying. He caught it on a Blue Hawaiian Brads Cut plug stuffed with tuna and topped with Mike’s UV trout scent. The flasher was an 8-inch pro troll Mountain Doo flasher.

They were trolling west of Haxby Point by about 5 miles. They had their junk down 90 feet at 2.4 miles per hour in over 114 feet of water.

WOW!  Awesome work, Dennis!  How’s that for a first salmon catch?!