Share The Road (it’s not just for bikes)
By Toby Trigger

Driving along the highway we see signs to share the road with cyclists and motorcycles.  And that is important.  But horses need a little space too, especially during the early season.

Pack strings can be beautiful when seen clicking along a distant hillside loaded with the wares of hunters but when you’re stuck behind them on a narrow gravel road it can be frustrating!

Maybe I’m just impatient or as my buddy says “It’s not that I’m impatient it’s that I don’t have time to wait.”

The fact is that horses and mules will be on the same public road as you are at some point this season. It can be a challenge to get a pack string to step aside especially after several hours of trail travel that restricts their movements.  A wide road is a relief to the horses and the people riding them.

Stock animals may react to a fast moving vehicle or a sudden noise like a car horn and that can put the stock and other people in danger.  Approach slowly and be patient.

We all use our public roadways in different ways – enjoy the ride even if it’s behind a pack string that seems to be travelling at a snails pace.  The rat race you left behind this morning should stay there.