Get Your Apps in for the Apprentice Hunter Program
By angelamontana

Posted: October 20, 2017

Montana’s two-day, youth-only deer hunt is coming up October 19 and 20, and general deer and elk season opens October 21. Now is a good time to consider signing up for the Apprentice Hunter program.

The Apprentice Hunter law, enacted by the Montana Legislature, allows people ages 10 and older to hunt as apprentices with a mentor for two seasons without completing a Hunter Education course. As of 2017, there is no longer an upper age limit on being an apprentice.

Fish, Wildlife & Parks highly recommends that interested people visit the website at and read the packet on the Apprentice Hunter program before seeking certification. The packet outlines guidelines for both the apprentice and the required mentor, including what apprentices can and cannot do, who can act as a mentor, and how the certification process works. Reading up on it beforehand may prevent possible confusion and save people from making an extra trip.

Some key details to note:

  • Certification can only be done at an FWP office, although the forms can be downloaded ahead of time from the website
  • A person must be certified before purchasing appropriate licenses, which will then show apprentice status
  • If the mentor is not related to an apprentice who is under the age of 18, a legal guardian’s signature also will be needed, and the parent must provide his or her driver’s license in addition to the mentor’s
  • A mentor must present a valid driver’s license or other identification at the time of certification

An Apprentice MUST:

  • Be at least 10 years old at the time of license purchase
  • Fill out a certification form at an FWP office and pay a $5 certificate fee (forms available online at
  • Hunt with a mentor who is at least 21 and who has completed Hunter Education if born after Jan. 1, 1985
  • Have the appropriate current Montana hunting licenses for the species being hunted; the licenses must show that he/she is Apprentice Hunter certified
  • Stay within sight of the non-hunting mentor at all times

An Apprentice MAY:

  • Be a resident or nonresident.
  • Obtain apprentice certification for no more than two license years before he or she must complete a hunter safety and education course

An Apprentice is NOT ELIGIBLE to:

  • Obtain a special bow and arrow license without first completing a Bowhunter Education course
  • Obtain a resident hound training license for chasing mountain lion
  • Participate in a hunting license or permit drawing with a limited quota
  • Obtain any bighorn sheep license
  • Obtain an elk license if under 15 years of age

A Mentor MUST:

  • Be 21 or older
  • Be related to the apprentice by blood, adoption or marriage; or be the apprentice’s legal guardian or be designated by the apprentice’s legal guardian (guardian must complete form and show ID)
  • Have completed Hunter Education if born after Jan. 1, 1985
  • Have a current Montana hunting license
  • Complete the Apprentice Hunter Mentor form
  • Agree to accompany and supervise the apprentice hunter and remain within sight of and direct voice contact with the apprentice at all times while in the field
  • Confirm that the apprentice possesses the physical and psychological capacity to safely and ethically engage in hunting activities