When Your Favorite Hunting Partners Are Family!
By angelamontana

Posted: November 24, 2017

Nick Schnabel is thankful for his two favorite hunting partners.  It’s safe to say they had a fantastic season!

These two are my favorite hunting partners, my wife, Deanne Schnabel (below), and my daughter, Savannah (above). My wife was able to anchor this rutting buck in the morning and we still had time to make the Cat-Griz game in Bozeman, a very memorable Saturday. My daughter, Savannah was able to connect on her buck from 350 yards with her grandpa’s old Remington Gamemaster Pump .243 during the youth hunt. We had to get home to get to her first dance, someone must be peeling onions in here…..I have never been more satisfied not filling my tag in my whole life. Our circle will remain unbroken. My son is 8 years and I cannot wait to pass it down and share our experience.