Making Wild Game Burger – Fat or No Fat?
By Toby Trigger

Posted: November 18, 2017

Making Burger is Awesome with the Right Ingredients.

Making burger isn’t tough as long as you have a grinder, just chunk it up and push it through.  But what about other ingredients?  Ingredients?

Yes, like fat, you know the stuff that holds your burger together?  Fat is not necessary to make burgers but in my humble opinion and the opinion of basically everyone I know, adding at least some fat to wild game burger makes it form better and lets face it, it tastes better too.

To start figure out how much fat you will want – 10% is about average and 20% is about maximum.  Any for than 20% and you may as well eat bacon. (mmmm bacon…)


Speaking of bacon, bacon is an easy and affordable way to add some fat and flavor to your burger.  Just add one pound of bacon per 10 pounds of meat by adding a half strip with each chunk of meat.  Once it is all ground up run it through again and you’ll have great tasting burger that is easy to form into patties.


Some people use sausage patties and it tastes great but for me the cost is a bit too high.  A few packages of burger with sausage won’t hurt though.


You can get fat from beef or pork trimmings from meat processing places really cheap.  In fact I have gone in during the summer months and got it for almost nothing.   Five pounds of fat is all you’ll need to make 50 pounds of burger.

No matter which fat source you choose to make your burger ingredient make sure you add the fat at a consistent rate and re-grind it at least once.

There you have it; Chunk the meat, grind it with fat at a 10 to 1 ratio and re grind.  It’s so easy even a six year old can do it!