Turkey Hunt with a Judge [VIDEO]
By angelamontana

Posted: March 23, 2018

With turkey being on many hunters’ minds here in Montana, here is a video of a hunter in Florida who used a .410 Taurus Judge pistol to get his turkey…note that this particular method isn’t legal until the fall in Montana:

Lawful Methods for Hunting Turkey
Wild turkey may be taken with:
• a shotgun not larger than a ten gauge;
• a long, recurve or compound bow and arrow;
• A rifle or handgun may be used during the fall season except in areas with
weapons restrictions limiting their use. (via 2018 MT FWP Turkey Hunting regulations)

Also, remember the importance of checking the current season regulations of your state (in Montana-fwp.mt.gov) prior to hunting, trapping or fishing, as things do change.   This is still pretty cool, though.