By Montana Grant

Posted: April 26, 2018

These are words rarely spoken by fishermen. Less time fishing, less tackle, less accessories to fish with? This simply does not compute. Fishermen tend to have boatloads of gear and tackle. It is nearly impossible to walk into a tackle shop and come out empty handed.

The truth is we use very little of what we take afield. But, we are good Boy Scouts and “Always prepared”. Normally, if the fishing is good, one rod is enough. We only have 2 hands, 2 eyes, and can only carry so much tackle.

Try to take less gear the next time you fish. Travel fast and light. Focus on preparing for what the fish are biting on. Do your homework and check out fishing reports before you hit the water. If the fish are hitting a certain hatch, minnow, crayfish, or lure, load up on what you need. No more, no less.

The average fly fishermen will carry no less than several hundred flies. One box has just streamers and buggers, another is just small nymphs, next a box for bigger nymphs, then one box for terrestrials, and another for dries, then midges, then eggs and worms. With just a few dozen in each box, you can see how quick the numbers rise.

The truth is we probably only need a few dozen. Use a smaller box that can hold a planned assortment. This box can hang on a cord or fit into a shirt pocket. You will also need your forceps, clippers, tippet, weights, and other assorted goodies, Organize a shirt, vest, or small chest pack. Also make sure that you use fresh tippet and tie clean knots.

What you will discover is that less is truly more. You can have the rest of the gear back at the truck in case you begin to have anxiety over less tackle. You will focus on the fish, be more flexible, more comfortable, and a better student of the sport.

Take time to fish smarter!

Montana Grant

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